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The City of Las Vegas


The City of Las Vegas t-Worx Project
Project Details
Location Las Vegas, Nevada
Duration 5 Years
  • UI/UX Design
  • Front End Development
  • Application Architecture and Development
Key Points
  • Evoq CMS Training
  • Front-End Website Development
  • Development of Business Licensing & Permitting applications


The City of Las Vegas needed to replace its Oracle-based infrastructure to gain the ability to develop complex applications in an efficient manner with the ultimate goal of making it easy for its citizens to conduct business with the City covering a wide gamut of transaction types.

Since the City of Las Vegas decided to migrate its infrastructure from Oracle to ASP.Net, it needed a development team with deep experience, expertise, and a proven track record of delivering professional ASP.Net web/app solutions for help.

The City of Las Vegas scope of work
The City of Las Vegas scope of work


Like many other U.S. Cities today, the City of Las Vegas's process for business licensing and permitting was a manual one. Citizens who wanted to do business with the City would download the appropriate forms from the City website, print them and complete them, and then return them to the City for processing.

The goal of the City of Las Vegas was to create an automated process that allows citizens to apply for business licenses and various permits, and complete all of the required/relevant paperwork and documentation, 100% virtually through the www.lasvegasnevada.gov website.

The City of Las Vegas Solution
The City of Las Vegas Solution
The City of Las Vegas Solution
The City of Las Vegas Solution


The City of Las Vegas secured T-WORX to develop a plan and re-architect a new system from the ground up, built around a cutting edge ASP.Net- based CMS solution.

As a result, since 2018 T-WORX has architected and developed a solution that makes it easy for citizens to apply for several different business licenses and permits via www.lasvegasnevada.gov.

T-WORX has played a major role of the City's multi-year, digital business transformation program called Project EDDI, which was born out of the vision of simply being the best City for Developers to invest in. It was built on the three pillars that have remained consistent with the City Council's goals and directives: 1. To build an iconic City; 2. To create a Smart Las Vegas with virtual platforms for public engagement while creating efficiencies that are both environmentally and financially sustainable; and 3. To develop a customer-centric business focus. Thanks to T-WORX, the City has been able to create the best possible developer experience, implement better processes than what any other City can simply buy, and create a competitive sustainable advantage for the City of Las Vegas.

Rick Vermani
Information Technologies Department Systems Manager