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Gymnostic t-Worx Project
Project Details
Location Northern Greece
Duration 4 Months
  • UI/UX Design
  • Front End Development
  • Application Architecture and Development
Key Points

Custom Web Application

Live Scoring & Positioning

Gynastic Club Management, Athlete Profiles & Statistics


The Northern Greece Athletic Federation needed a way for judges to score gymnastic competitions and display scores in real-time.


An app that offers gymnastic club and games management, scoring, athlete profiles and statistics, and general management tools. It connects with a screen for on-site judges to display gymnastic scoring results and giga-screens to display real-time results and positioning. The app is also live-streams live events.

Gymnostic Solution
Gymnostic Solution
Gymnostic Solution


T-WORX created the Gymnostic app that supports Artistic, Rhythmic, General, Acrobatic, and Trampoline gymnastic events with individual participation, all-around participation, group participation, athlete categories, championship/cups (regional, national, European, etc), and scoring automation.