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Give a Memorial Gift


Give a Memorial Gift t-Worx Project
Project Details
Location Margate, Florida
Duration 2 Years
  • UI/UX Design
  • Front End Development
  • Application Architecture and Development
Key Points

Fundraising Application for the Funeral Home Industry


Social Funeral Funding was a platform that allowed people to raise funds for friends and/or family who have passed. The platform was outdated and limited.


In 2019, T-WORX created a plan to rebuild the application and rebrand the company to drive and expand widespread adoption by Funeral Homes in the US and Canada.

Funeral homes benefit from the the app because 100% of the Memorial Gift amounts raised get directly deposited into the funeral home’s bank account, guaranteeing payment to the funeral home.

Families benefit from the app because a Memorial Gift provides family, friends and co-workers an alternative way to honor a loved one, rather than traditonal expressions of sympathy like flowers or food.

Give a Memorial Gift Solution
Give a Memorial Gift Solution
Give a Memorial Gift Solution


The result is a synched website and mobile app that makes it easy for people to donate to Memorial Gift Funds and share them via social media. In lieu of the typical expressions of sympathy like flowers or food, money raised from Memorial Gift Funds can be used to reduce the financial burden when somone passes, or for trust funds/college funds, or other charitable causes.